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React India - 2019
Planet Hollywood Resort, Goa, IN26/09/2019 - 28/09/2019
React India is an international community-led non-profit initiative that provides a platform for developers to share and discuss their insights and experiences with React. The three-day conference is the first of its kind in India.The first of the three days will be focusing on workshops and the following two days will be dedicated to talks on topics revolving around React, React Native & GraphQL. The conference will bring together front-end and ... show more
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Sunil PaiSunil Pai30 mins
GraphQL State Management in a React World
Once we receive data from an API, how do we manage it on the GraphQL client side? How do hooks work with GraphQL? How ca ... show more
Shruti KapoorShruti Kapoor30 mins
Curious Cases of GraphQL
As GraphQL moves into the mainstream, the tooling & ecosystem has grown and has made it possible to do much more with Gr ... show more
Nader DabitNader Dabit30 mins
Cleartrip’s reactive journey from 3 to 0.2s using Apollo GraphQL, Redis Caching and Monitoring
We have built a single GraphQL endpoint @Cleartrip to remove the dependency of the react client with the Rest API. This ... show more
Eesh TyagiEesh Tyagi30 mins
Intuitive Tooling
One of the nuances of working in frontend development is constantly being told that [insert whatever tooling, frameworks ... show more
Carolyn StranskyCarolyn Stransky30 mins
What I learned from building CodeSandbox
Building websites is a very visual process. The goal often is to make a website that is visually appealing and easy to u ... show more
Ives van HoorneIves van Hoorne30 mins
React for teenagers
Yash GuptaYash Gupta30 mins
Build your backend with GraphQL & Serverless in Redux style
What if it was possible to build backend features for our react apps in the same way that we use redux in our react apps ... show more
Shahidh K MuhammedShahidh K Muhammed30 mins
Beats on the web - A journey into performance
React is a brilliant JavaScript library for building simple and complex user interfaces. It is quite performant when use ... show more
Ritesh KumarRitesh Kumar30 mins
Conditional Modules & Dynamic Bundling, A Netflix Original
Learn about how we, at Netflix, hacked Webpack for our needs, leveraged Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) to identify condition ... show more
Rajat KumarRajat Kumar30 mins
WebVR - the Disruption in Immersive Space
WebVR is a latest technology and developing it is not boring like lines and lines of code to get a small VR experience. ... show more
Bhuvana Meenakshi KoteeswaranBhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran30 mins
DRY when writing a GraphQL React App
'Let's face it, writing React apps with GraphQL is verbose. Your team took up a massive application write using React + ... show more
Tanay PratapTanay Pratap30 mins
You Belong Here
Done well, open source is one of the highest-value targets for businesses these days. Companies like Facebook and Airbnb ... show more
Jason LengstorfJason Lengstorf30 mins
A Journey to the Center of a Slow React App
What are the major factors that slow down a web application written in React? Can we mitigate them? If so, what are the ... show more
Pavithra KodmadPavithra Kodmad30 mins
Authentication best practices in React and GraphQL
Authentication in React and React Native apps is sometimes considered a painful as well as vulnerable point of any app. ... show more
Vladimir NovickVladimir Novick30 mins
Refactoring React
This is a talk about code quality for people already working with React. Learn how to identify code smells in your React ... show more
Siddharth KshetrapalSiddharth Kshetrapal30 mins
Why performance is important?
Eva IeridouEva Ieridou30 mins
Going Native
React Native allows you to re-use your web code to build native applications. What’s not to like? This approach is simpl ... show more
Anna DoubkovaAnna Doubkova30 mins
State of preact
Preact and its ecosystem has recently undergone an overhaul. It now supports all the latest features from React 16 from ... show more
Prateek BhatnagarPrateek Bhatnagar30 mins
Case study: High performance image upload for web
Operating on files (and images) and extracting crucial information out of them in the browser can be tough. Performing t ... show more
Abinash MohapatraAbinash Mohapatra30 mins
React for Designers
The almighty React is not just for developers, it's for everyone! It leaves no one behind. With React's component-driven ... show more
Ananya NeogiAnanya Neogi30 mins
Building offline first apps with GraphQL & Apollo
Offline first apps have a unique set of challenges to keep them fully functional even in offline mode. On top of that, G ... show more
Kiran AbburiKiran Abburi30 mins
Sleeping well at night with
Why are we afraid of updating our React app on Friday evening? Mostly because its hard to know if nothing is broken beca ... show more
Tomasz ŁakomyTomasz Łakomy30 mins
React, Collaborate and Listen
According to npm, 63% of JavaScript developers use React. This is for a good reason: of all the ways we’ve tried buildin ... show more
Jani EväkallioJani Eväkallio30 mins